Eclipse Che RC12

A new generation of development environments, in the cloud


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Eclipse is one of the most widely used multi-language development environments. Still, working on collaborative projects requires other kinds of complementary tools in order to edit the code simultaneously and manage version control. That's where Eclipse Che comes in.

It's a new version of this popular IDE that works on any kind of device, since it runs on a browser tab. You can still use it under localhost on any particular project, the process just deletes hardware dependencies.

You can configure the runtime or environment in modules, either locally or remotely, by using the Docker tool which enables you to create and access virtual machines. In fact, the package available on Uptodown already includes this tool. This allows you to create collaborative workspaces and manage who has access to them, take snapshots, and use a comprehensive IDE along most Eclipse features online.

This installer includes everything you need to make Eclipse Che work: Java, Docker, Gith Bash, and desktop shortcuts.

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